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Petit Le Mans - Atlanta

Timings for Petit Le Mans in Atlanta this weekend (Atlanta local time and BST)

Night Practice - 1915 - 2100 // 0015 - 0200

Practice - 0905 - 1005 // 1405 - 1505
Qualifying LMP1/LMP2 - 1555 - 1620 // 2055 - 2120

Warm up - 0815 - 0840 // 1315 - 1340
Race 1000 miles or 10hours maximum - 1115 // 1615

Full schedule here. Including the times of driver chats and autograph sessions (not that it's of much help unless you're in Atlanta)

I'm so far approving of Peugeot for this race.
Yesterdays test session left the 07 car of Minassian/Sarrazin/Klien second quickest. Todays first practice they were 3rd quickest, behind the 1 Audi of Capello/McNish/Pirro and the LMP2 class car 2 of Dumas/Bernhand and second practice today left them top of the time sheets. Look: Wednesday test session (though that was Minsassian/Gene/Klien for some reason... even though Pedro Lamy had been there doing some testing for Peugeot at the weekend because Christian was in Singapore...), Thursday practice 1, Thursday practice 2.

Now, bring me some pretty pictures and a good race result to warrant me staying up till 0230 on Sunday morning, watching a TV channel I didn't realise we had until about 2weeks ago and which I have never watched before!
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