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Petit Le Mans

Feast your eyes upon this shiny piece of information.

Peugeot on Pole in Atlanta with NEW QUALIFYING RECORD!!

It's a time of 1:06.242.  McNish's Audi which was just really hooked up yesterday got a 1:06.327, but it took Sarrazin several more laps before he managed to tip it.  Full qualifying times here.

That means that the full starting grid looks like this:

Peugeot start on pole in their 07 numbered car with Minassian at the wheel.  Sarrazin and Klien will take over (probably in that order) later in the race.

I was going to post this last night after qualifying, but my timing screen bodged completely - clearly it didn't want to accept that Peugeot had just beaten the record - and that coupled with confusing commentary which was about 30 seconds behind.. well...  Let's just say I wanted to be completely sure that what I thought I'd heard the commentators saying, was correct.

For those who don't know, Petit Le Mans or American Le Mans Series (ALMS) is a series of races that are 1000miles or a maximum of 10hours long.  Road Atlanta, Georgia (USA) is the 10th round of this series (I think).  Not entirely sure how it all works, because I think they just tour America... but they had a round at Silverstone (UK) where there were two Peugeots but both cars suffered damage there, which is why only one is in this race.
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