Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

Petit Le Mans

SO. I am now erm, 6hours into the race, and I have been flailing and nailbiting all at once. Nic did the frst stint but only of 30mins, changing when there was a safety car. Stephane took over and did a long stint, getting Peugeot up and leading the race for most of his time. Then Christian took over and he was leading for most of his fairly long stint in the car. It was great to hear the commentators showing him some love! They were really impressed with him :D
Unfortunately now Nic is back in the car. He's not bad, but he's a little more wary after his accident at Silverstone, and he's not pushing as hard as the others were, so currently Peugeot are back in 2nd. Both deltachild and myself are hoping that (although it sounds mean) they make Nic's stint short and put Stephane or Christian back in. If they went back in, then Peugeot would have a fairly good chance of winning this. One can only hope that they have enough time at the end to do that. The guys could really deserve some recognition for all their work (and I'd really love to see Christian at the top of the podium. It was great to see him on the podium at his first Le Mans, but the top would be better).
Tags: atlanta, christian, le mans, petit le mans, peugeot, race

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