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After accidentally mentioning the word 'shiny' in an entry reply to elenielofnarnia she asked whether shiny had come from there.  Actually I had completely forgotten about that, shame on me I know, but it reminded me how good Firefly really is.

I haven't watched it in ages, and I havent seen the final episodes yet, purely because I  know tht as soon as I've watched them, Firefly will officially be over, so as long as I dont watch the end, its still here.  Besides, I've got way too much work to be sitting and watching Firefly *giggles*

HOWEVER!  All is not lost.  I found this link on facebook a while ago and that looks pretty shiny and theres also this one which is kinda old now, but still.... maybe theres more in the pipeline.  Who knows. 

I'll miss Wash though.  He was a great character.
Tags: firefly, shiny, work

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