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Amusing convo

The following conversation just took place on a Forum... we were talking about naming people as officers on a facebook group.

Me: If you want to be an officer, either leave your suggestions for titles on here or post it on the group's wall. Entries will be examined by an impartial committee.

Rob: Well, for me, pick from these:

Head Tifosi
Ferrari's Lawyer (...:P)
Schumi's #1
Kimi's Bartender

Me: The committee say this is a hard decision.

Rob: Hahaha lol.

If I dont get the answer I want, then its going to be a complete conspiracy against me and my team, im going to cry to my daddy and Uncle Ron and then im going to sell my story to The Sun.

Me: I am SO tempted to put you as 'Lewis Hamilton' now!

Rob: Right thats it, forum closed!

HAHAHAHAHAH. Soooo, what name do I give him? He is a huge Ferrari fan and Schumacher lover fan.

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