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Les Randomnes

Damn my brother and his man-flu. I now have a very annoying cough and I need jelly babies but we don't have any in :(
I really don't want a cold now but it looks like I fail there (at least at the moment). At least it's the first of the winter.

Basically, don't ask me anything important today. I'm really not with it. At all.

I will however be sending a link to my journal to Jim Hawkins on the radio seeing as he's been onabout blogs again, and what people use them for. Well Jim. I use mine for many things. Sometimes its fun, random articles, sometimes it's what's going on in my life, sometimes it's just be getting things off my chest. It really depends. The great thing about this is you can choose which things to show to which people too. You also get to meet some great people, and realise that you're not as crazy as you might seem because others go through the same things as you.

So dearest flist, if you wish to be really random, leave Jim a message on the comments!
Tags: ill, lj, radio

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