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Oh joys

Oh the joys. It seems the skin colour issue has raised its head again. I'm not paying that much attention to what's actually being said about it but they're talking about Leona Lewis, Lewis Hamilton and Barack Obama.

Ok. So everyone knows I don't like Lewis Hamilton, but that is DEFINITELY NOT because he is black. He could be green, pink, purple, red, white, turquoise or yellow spotted and I still wouldn't like him. It's not to do with colour, it's to do with other things, of which his arrogance is one. I shan't list the things here, because you know them anyway and it would bore you silly.

Not a lot of you know that I don't like Leona Lewis either. To be fair to her, I didn't even know what she looked like when I first heard her sing, and I just don't like her as a singer. She doesn't write her own music, she just sings it (and does a Mariah [who also annoys me with her extreme warbling sometimes]). In my opinion as a musician, those in the music business should have some musical knowledge and not just be there to sing other peoples songs and become famous because of that. It's fake and shouldn't be done. I know it happens but it doesn't mean it's right.

Finally, Barack Obama. This guy is just amazing. I sincerely hope that he wins the election. God help us all if McCain wins. BARACK OBAMA FOR THE WIN!!

In short, I can't understand why people bring skin colour into things. I look beyond that because we are all gradients on a colour scheme, so we're all related. There are no, forgive the pun, black and white areas, it's mainly grey areas. People should be taken on their own merits. Those who can't do this are very narrow minded. I love people, I really do. The more the merrier and the more variety the better. I like to learn, and who better to learn from than people and discussions with people. I am not racist, I'm not sexist or anything else -ist for that matter (though my friend did once say I was Beanist in the middle of Sainsburys which was hilarious). I just like people.

I know we often point out people by things like skin colour, because lets face it, it's easier to see that, but everything is going very policitally correct now and it's really annoying me. If you ask a child who their friends are, and for example they have a coloured friend and a disabled friend in a wheelchair, they would say the black guy or the one in the wheelchair. Equally though, they'd refer to a tall or short friend as the tall friend or the short friend. It makes me wonder how far this political correctness is going to go. We will never be able to distingush between people because the words we would once have used will be politically incorrect and we won't be allowed to use them.
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