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F1 Testing

Testing makes me laugh.  I've just been going through yesterdays times on and apart from me realising that Christian has been the fastest driver in the Force India car so far, which made me happy, (I'll go into this in more detail later) I also found an amusing comment from day 1.

"Williams completed the Tuesday line-up with German newcomer Nico Hulkenberg 15th fastest on his debut for the team, outpacing 2008 race driver Kazuki Nakajima, who was 17th."

Um yeah.  Firstly, what is it with teams signing up people with the same first name?!  Ok I'm not entirely sure whether Nico Hulkenberg (that's one hell of a name) is actually signed for Williams, but they already have Nico Rosberg.  Then look at Toro Rosso: Sebastian Vettel and Sebastien Bourdais.  Yes, one letter different, but if you shorten it, the same!  Anyway, as I was previously on about, that there quote.  I love how they've just blatantly stated that the newcomer was faster on his debut, than their race driver.  Makes me wonder how long Kazuki Nakajima will last....

Back to Force India though.  It did make me happy to see Christian top of the times (and it made me very happy to see shiny new pics too) but then I decided to look into the times in more depth.
On Tuesday Fisichella and Montagny drove the car on the grooved tyres, and Fisichella only managed to do a preliminary run on the 2009 slicks, because, and I quote 'there was a problem on the diff'.  He explains that his slower time (though those words are not actually said) was because he'd not been in an F1 car for 2 months, since Brazil, and now this is a new car and a new engine.  Pah.  If other people *cough*Christian*cough* can do better and they've not been driving an F1 car for a year then thats a poor excuse Fisico.  Anyway, on to day 2...

"Christian Klien was the quicker of two drivers in action for Force India, the Austrian going seventh fastest to Giancarlo Fisichella’s ninth. Both worked on general set-up, chassis development and evaluation of the slick Bridgestone tyres. Klien proved the quicker man on the slicks, while Fisichella was marginally faster on grooved rubber."

Firstly, yay.  Secondly, whats with the tyres?  Did Christian only use the slicks and Fisichella only use the grooved tyres?  Why?  Ok yes, Fisichella was faster on the second day than the first, and he was using grooved tyres, but Christian only had 1 day in the car, and ok, yes, he was using slicks, but still, LOOK! 1 day, 7th fastest.  Other people were using slicks too.  But then we get to Thursday, and unfortunately there's no 'detailed report' yet because it's too early.  However, there are the times... Ralf Schumacher and Tonio Liuzzi making up the bottom of the table for Force India, a whole second behind what Force India had on Wednesday!  Ok I dont know what tyres they were using, but its a pretty big difference don't you think?
7, 9, 14, 16, 19, 20

Who would you go with?  Maybe I find Christian's 7 amusing because his birthday is on 7th... maybe its just a coincidence....

Bring on todays Testing!!
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