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Other 'awards' Lewis Hamilton has

We were fed up with the amount of adverts with Lewis Hamilton on, for various things: his books, Abbey, you name it, just about everyone has jumped on the bandwagon now, so we came up with 'Other titles and awards Lewis Hamilton has, since he didnt win the 2007 F1 World Championship'. 

Here goes:

The award for the most books out without winning the world championship

The world record for having the most number of pointless books

The award for being such an annoying arse

The 2007 world championship rookie failure

The world record in most annoying TV adverts

The world record in most annoying adverts in general

The award for upsetting his teammate in the shortest amount of time possible

The flop of the year

The retirement of the year - stuck in the gravel near the end of the pit lane is genius!

The award for complaining about not getting given enough money when you're already a 22year old millionaire

The lie of the year - moving to Switzerland to be closer to his friends and family, in London...
Tags: awards, funny, lewis hamilton, random

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