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Post Office fun

I think the guy at the Post Office thinks I'm a little crazy. I just went in to get some stamps to send off my Christmas Cards and he gave me the pretty Christmas stamps. I got a little too excited over them.
Normally when I go and get stamps, I end up with the boring ones, even though there are often pretty ones available, so it was such a shock when the pretty ones were passed through. It would have been funny to be there watching me getting excited over stamps! Even if the guy at the desk thought I was a bit crazy, he had a laugh so it's all good really.

I did however confuse him to start with, which amused me greatly.
'Can I get some stamps for my cards please?'
'They all going inland?'
'No, they're going around the world. Some are going inland'
'Ok, we'll do the ones abroad first'
'Where's that one going to?'
'Venezuela. I did say they were going around the world!'
The next one to the Philippines gained me a raised eyebrow as well, to which I replied 'Well they are going around the world'

Needless to say that it was rather amusing in the Post Office when I was in there. The old people stood behind me looked most bemused.
I was going to post pictures of the pretty Christmas stamps (because I found them online), but as some of you will be receiving them, I won't do that just yet, because it will ruin the surprise. I will apologise to three of you now, you won't get a pretty stamp. This is because the postage required for you was only available in the normal stamps, not the pretty ones, so sorry. I will post some pictures of the pretty stamps later in the month though, so that you can see them.

However, as I have now posted all my cards, it means that the big card race is on now. They were all posted at the same time, so the question is, who will get their card first?
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