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Thoughts on Heroes

Heroes has gone mad. I'm just catching up with things I've recorded and not seen (so that includes most of the series of Top Gear - votes on how you're supposed to pronounce the place name 'Basel' please because I am now confused) but I am currently watching last weeks Heroes.

I liked Heroes in the first season, but the 2nd series was comparitavely bad. This 3rd series is... well, I was ok with it, but it's become very silly and I'm not finding it as interesting as it once was. It's become entertaining for a whole load of other reasons. Instead of being entertaining because it was an interesting and unusual idea, but now? Now it is full of lots of continuity errors and other errors. Its possible I didn't notice all these before, but I don't think so. Yes there were errors before, but there are more errors now and they are more noticable.

An eclipse happens once every howevermany years, not once a year, or whatever it is in this. They also don't last that long, and not everyone will have complete darkenss, like they have in this. Also, WHY is everyone not blind?! They all looked at the Eclipse several times, with the naked eye, so they should all be blind, but they're not.

It also amuses me how characters can change what they're wearing from say, being nothing... to wearing a t shirt in the space of a split second, also, either Noah Bennet is a perv, or there is a time warp... and Elle/Sylar is just wrong.

However, I am currently loving the fact that Seth Green is in Heroes.
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