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Falalalalaaaa lalalalaaa

Hokay, so I've now done 3 concerts in 2 days. Oh the epicness (and the craziness). The two today were both vocal, so now I am a bit squeaky, which is kind of amusing! The concerts were good, but wow, do my right arm and wrist hurt now! Holding an instrument that you're playing for a whole concert, bar about 20mins, is hard work. An Oboe isn't the heaviest of instruments, but I end up tensing my arm and then it hurts... besides, the infamous rounders injury also likes to play me up again (overstretched the tendons in my thumb back in y11 [I think it was]). Anyway, we had our pieces to play, pieces to play as accompaniment for the choir and carols to play for the audience to sing to. 2 hours of Christmas music starts to send you a bit loopy, and that's not even including tonight's concerts!

You'll also find that holding numerous books of music makes ones wrist hurt. This evening, in our folders, we had 3 carols for choirs books (1,2 and 3), then the other sheets of music we had. Logistical nightmare, but we sorted it.

Song tally, since 11 Dec 2008
O Come All Ye Faithful - 6
Hark the Herald - 4

I'm doing a challenge to see how many times I can sing them over 'the Christmas period'. It started on 11th Dec, not too early, not too late, and that was my first concert this Christmas. I've now finished my last concert, but we'll be singing carols elsewhere, and those two are classics.

Back to this evening's concerts, the first one was in St Mary's and was very quick fire. Lots of songs punctuated by readings. Afterwards we walked over to the County Buildings for more carols there. It was good fun, especially when we got to the final carols sung by everyone, not just SYC. As per usual, the geniusness that is Nigel Taylor was making amusing comments about how he would normally be telling the choir to pronounce their words properly (in the break between the first and second verses of Hark the Herald), so how there was actually a 'k' on Hark etc. Cal was there with his mates (he's an old choir member, but I've known him for years through Operatics) and they started off the immaturity being very silly with the word endings. I'm sure you can think what they did, but if you can't, they were being VERY obvious with things like 'harK' and 'kinG', you get the picture. The silliness continued, with 'ooooh, close!' being said for all the raffle tickets pulled out (even if they weren't anywhere near with the tickets), and then excessive s-ing in We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

I love immaturity sometimes. It's great fun, especially when coupled with amusing people who've been drinking...
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