Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
Princess Peach - Empress of the World

On bargains, shopping and queues

£2.50 is a good price to pay for a CD. Gotta love Woolworths. I may be slightly sad they're going, but the sale is pretty good, though I'm sure they put the prices of some things up. £10 for a 'cheap' DVD... it's just not right. £3 for a DVD is cheap!

Mmm yes. We decided to venture into town today. Had a couple of errands to do, and then we went for lunch. Haven't done this for a while so it was a nice change. Popped around town after lunch, venturing into Woolworths, which was busy, surprisingly. They've now got a 50% discount on everything, hence the CD for £2.50, however they don't really have a lot of stuff left there, let alone a lot of stuff that's pretty good!

The only thing busier than HMV (which we went into after Woolies) and Woolies, was Tesco, or perhaps Tesco's carpark. Why is it, when you're running out of time, that you end up being behind someone slow in the checkout queue. While no one infront of us had lots of things on the conveyer belt, the old lady at the front took ages, and the mother with 2 kids kept finding her kids were stood directly in the place she wanted to be. When we finally got through the checkout, trying to leave was hard enough, because we got caught behind all the slow moving people with trollies who weren't in a rush to do anything. It always happens when you're in a rush, but never really at other times...

And after all that, the queue to get out of the car park was ridiculous as well. All I can say though, is that at least it didn't take us an hour to leave this time (like it did the last time I was caught in traffic in Tesco's carpark!)

Edit: We just discovered that someone's made a typo. The Godfather Trilogy are all 18's and yet The Godfather Part 2 is on now, and it's claimed it's a 15.
Tags: random, shopping

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