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I'm currently watching Demons on ITV. It's pretty good so far, even though it's only been on about 20mins or so. It's got all the characters you expect from Dracula type stories, Van Helsing and Mina Harker, but they have a modern twist on them. Van Helsing is Luke Van Helsing, the last of the Van Helsing line, but he doesn't really know it. There's even mentions of other things, like Bram Stoker...

"Bram Stoker stole your name. I'd be mad as hell" I love it!

I am however waiting for Mackenzie Crook to make an entrance but he's not supposed to appear until half way through this episode or something.

In other notes, I must not play bowling or tennis on the Wii for a few days. My arm is killing me at the moment. Wii Fit is good, but I ache from that as well! Might do a more specific post on that at a later point, but it depends if I get distracted by it first or not! I WILL be the champion at ski jumping on our Wii Fit. It's the only thing I can really do, other than some of the yoga things!
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