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Klien: Testers need more track time

Klien: Testers need more track time
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 00:00

BMW's Christian Klien has voiced concerns that the in-season testing ban will make it difficult for third drivers to step in for injured race drivers.

As part of the cost-cutting measures for 2009 there will be no testing during the season, with the exception of practice sessions on grand prix Fridays.

As BMW’s test driver, Klien is concerned he will not get much time in the new car and could be unprepared if he was called on to deputise for either Robert Kubica or Nick Hiedfeld.

“This year I am in the kitchen, I am preparing the food for these two drivers!” he joked.

“No, obviously it is getting quite hard this year for the test and reserve driver as there is some testing before the beginning of the season but then the whole year there is really nothing at all apart from some straight-line tests.

“So it is more important for the team to have an experienced test and reserve driver, otherwise it’s just very hard to be ready if the time comes and you have to jump in the car.”

The former Red Bull race driver added that he would like to see some of Friday’s practice session dedicated to third drivers.

“I hope they rethink this regulation a little bit as there is really no time for the test drivers to test,” said Klien.

“Maybe to do something on a Friday like two or three years ago when the third driver could drive.”

It's nice that people are still wanting to talk to Christian about stuff related to F1. Shows he's still valued, which is ace :)
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