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"You say goodbye..."

There we go. My laptop has now been collected, by a ruggedly handsome man in a cool coat (one with special specific pockets, like a pen pocket on the arm..). At this precise moment my laptop is in a pink carrycase (one of those plastic boxes) and tied up with blue tags so that it stays secure. They'll only be cut open once it is safely at the Tech Guys.

They say the average time is 10 working days but many items are back before then, but we shall see how long it takes. Chances are they won't start looking at my laptop till monday. While it's annoying that it's not here, I'm not that bothered how long it takes to get it sorted, because I don't specifically need it now. I can borrow other computers, but it means that I can't really get online in the evenings, unless I go on the computer in the office... which requires me going up two flights of stairs and thus away from everyone else...
Tags: internet, laptop

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