Princess Peach - Empress of the World (ladyofsalzburg) wrote,
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Lookie what I found.

Peugeot Sport 2009 Presentation, Paris

Christian talking about Le Mans

Also, samppa89 and deltachild
Road Atlanta: 10 hours in a couple of minutes! You can actually feel the tension here!*

I loves Peugeot...

Tis just a shame you can't embed those... Now I just need my laptop back to go proper picture hunting and to favourite those videos...

*Yes this is what Endurance racing does to me. I may have seen the race live, and recorded and yet it's still nailbiting stuff and seems to work as if I'd never seen it before. There's just something kinda ooooh about it all

Edit: I just found the battle for the lead near the end of ALMS Road Atlanta: Christian Klien (Peugeot) vs Marco Werner (Audi) vs Allan McNish (Audi)

Tags: christian, le mans, petit le mans, peugeot, video

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