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Can you help?

I need some opinions on some F1 theme music for my seminar. Im looking at basically the effect of music on tv, in particular, motorsport tv (a cheap excuse to show the clips from the ITV Monaco 07 pre race coverage and a clip from Top Gear and the opening credits) but I need some opinions as to what you like and why you like it. 
If you've got a couple of minutes free do you mind watching the clips and just answering these questions for me? 
If you're not a fan, feel free to take part as well. Thank you! 

Which one do you prefer? 
2: Why? 
3: If you had to put them in order of preference what order would you put them in? (Favourite first) 

Although Im less bothered about the visuals seen in the clips, because they change yearly due to people joining and leaving F1, some feedback on these would be good. Mainly on style rather than content. (example the difference between the 2006 and 2007 ITV visuals is minimal - the style is the same but some of the people have changed). 

Do you think the music fits the visuals (or vice versa) in each of the clips? - I say 'or vice versa' here because I know some people choose music first and want visuals to fit it. 
5: Any other comments? 

Clip A - 1996 BBC F1 Intro

Clip B - 2003 ITV F1 Intro

Clip C - 2007 ITV F1 Intro

Any feedback is gratefully received! Any queries, please let me know!
Tags: f1, music, research, seminar, uni

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