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New Years Eve?

So its New Years Eve and people keep asking me what I'm doing, whether I'm going out or not etc.  I'm not going out.  I don't do New Years Eve.  I'm not really a party girl, so please stop asking me.  The most 'going out' I have done today was going to the dentist this morning.  Yes, I went to the dentist on New Years Eve.  Its not that big a deal, its just a day.  I did the same last year I think, and I shall be doing the same next year, probably.  Oh, I also went to the co-op after I'd been to the dentist, and got a bit excited about going shopping round the co-op because Ive not been in one for a while.  I'm not entirely sure why I got so over-excited but it was funny at the time.

Actually, last year, I spent AGES trying to move stuff across to my new laptop and sort it all out, while watching Waynes World in the back room and being very antisocial (I'll be antisocial if I want, thankyouverymuch).  I seem to remember that was the rogue laptop that went back a few days later and I now have this one which currently is almost a year old now, and still working fine, for the moment.  However, now that I've said that, watch for it not working...  Also, last year, by the time it got to midnight, I wished Id just gone to bed.  It was pointless being up.  Its just another day, and I felt ill at the time anyway.  We shall see what happens this evening.....

In other news I think I may have accidentally put the wrong postage on my Ashenhurst agreement for my accommodation next year so it will be interesting to see if it gets to Uni at all.... Darn the Post Office and their new mailing system.  I keep forgetting its size not weight so much now.  Its super light but it's just in an A4 envelope not an A5 one...  I might ring Uni at the end of the week and see if its arrived or not.
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