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Dancing on Ice

Dear people of Britain


She doesn't skate, she's nowhere near as good as the others and they keep going out because idiots keep voting to keep Coleen in! She even wanted to go out near the beginning and now she's through to the semi final!
Seriously, this is beyond a joke. You may have thought that John Sargeant in Strictly Come Dancing was a joke, but he actually danced and did stuff by himself, unlike Coleen!

Please, if you're going to vote, vote for DONAL or RAY. Ray is good on the ice, and has been since the beginning, but Donal was a complete novice and has improved SO much and he really deserves to get some recognition for it. I would love to see Donal in the final. Perhaps not winning it, but definitely the final (though it would be amazing to see him in with a chance for the win!).

Coleen should NOT get through to the final. She's just not up to the standard of the others. Please stop voting for her.

Thank you

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