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Happy Red Nose Day!

So. Today is Comic Relief day. Have you got your Red Nose? Alas, I haven't because I've actually not seen them for sale anywhere... I fail, I know.

Anyway, in the spirit of things and people doing something funny for money, here we go.

10 Downing Street has a big red nose on the door:
Number 10 celebrates Red Nose Day

Peter Serafinowicz is having a vegetable pop star competition. I don't know if this is being done anywhere other than on his Twitter, but you can find it here.

Copied directly from Twitter, for your amusement, some of the entries are:
queen - we are the champignons
ringo star anise
Hot Chip
pat beanatar - love is a cabbage field
lenny okravitz
Nat King Coleslaw
Peter Serafinospinach & Robeetroot Popper (the stars of Little Mouse pop video!!)
The Artichoke formerly known as Prince with Little Red Courgette
Ocean Colour Bean
Buddy Cauli with his hit "Veggie Sue"
My Morning Jacket Potato
The Vegetable Soupremes
Onion Roses
Guns & Radishes
Aubergine Vincent
good charlotte potatoes
The Cumin League
Bruce Springgreenssteen
celeRey Charles
Justin Timberleek
Destiny's Chard
Motley Crudites
Phil Cauliflower - No Jacket Potato Required
The Divine Broccoli
Iron deficiency Maiden
Kate Mash
Four Carrot Tops
Beetroots Manuva
Bob Barley
Ian Dury and the Broccoli Heads
Soft Celery
Shallot Church
Leguman League
Dill Collins
Dusty Springbean

And I'll leave it there I think. Would just like to say that these are not my entries, and all credit goes to the lovely people who thought them up! For more, check out @serafinowicz. If you think you can do better, join in but remember that you have to donate to Comic Relief to play:
I would play, but I can't think of anything worthy for this, so I'm passing it on to you guys!

Oh, and if you wanted RND icons...
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