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"I just can't get enough"

Thoughts on Comic Relief so far:

David Tennant = so amazingly droolable in a white suit.
Davina McCall = so excited. It's ace.
David Tennant + Davina McCall = so awesome cause they work together really well
Awesome quotes: 'You even sound sexy talking about the tax man!' - Davina on David
Mastermind = WIN!
Watching people belly dance down Stafford highstreet on the tv... genius!
Outnumbered is looking good so far :D

Other thoughts:
The Saturdays outfits at the beginning of the show: what?
Unsure as to why people seem to be crying over the show...

I've done my bit for Comic Relief. Bought two Mr Funny's Red Nose Day books a while back (which meant I forgot about them until they mentioned it on the show) and I've entered Peter Serafinowicz's Vegetable Pop Star competition :D

More thoughts to come later, maybe.

OMG!! The kiss!
'If I give £50 to Comic Relief, can I kiss you?'
'I'd have done it for a fiver'
Davina, I kind of hate you right now, but I still love you really.

I am loving the French and Saunders' Mamma Mia. Give me more!
'I'm Bond', 'I'm Darcy', 'I'm a swede'
'Chicken Tikka, tell me what's wrong...'

However, I am less happy with Jonathan Ross and Claudia Winkleman presenting now :(

I never thought I'd laugh so much at football related things, but that RND football sketch was awesome! That's the kind of football I like.
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