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Sebring, 6hours

Half way through the race now and it's been great so far. Before I launch into anything, let me share my race updates from Twitter (most recent first):

Half way through. Good race. Not overly happy that the 07 car had air con problems though
5 minutes ago from twhirl
i love our commentators
about 1 hour ago from twhirl
come on peugeot...
about 1 hour ago from twhirl
Peoples... its Peu-geot not Poo-joe
about 2 hours ago from twhirl
Success! John is back!
about 2 hours ago from twhirl
Oh freaking hell Speed TV. I want live racing not a recap, just cause you morons went to something else... and give me John Hindhaugh back!
about 3 hours ago from twhirl
You can FEEL the tension here. I also love hearing John Hindhaugh waxing lyrical about Christian!
about 3 hours ago from twhirl
Hokay, so yellow flag numero deux
about 3 hours ago from twhirl
Hahah my pc is bodged. I'm hearing Radio Le Mans without having the window open!
about 3 hours ago from twhirl
XD Dindo has Stephane all over the back of him. Niiice.
about 4 hours ago from twhirl
Gooo Nic! Keep Dindo behind you. I applaud you for that incident Werner hehe
about 4 hours ago from twhirl
damn damn damn damn.
about 5 hours ago from twhirl
55mins into the race and I'm a wreck. GO LAMY!
about 5 hours ago from twhirl
I am calm, I am calm. I'm watching Sebring I am not calm. I am calm. Woo John Hindhaugh commentating!
about 6 hours ago from twhirl

So yes. Half way through. At the moment, Franck Montagny leads in the 08 Peugeot. Unfortunately the 07 car had problems with its air con and they had to fix it, which as left it a few laps behind I can only hope for all the cars infront to have problems. They can come back in after a few laps. On the plus side, they spoke to Christian twice after that stint, 3 times if you include the Speed TV time as well as the Motors TV ones! Our commentators seem to love him, which is good :D

There has been some amazing racing. Watching Montagny and McNish fighting for p1, driving side by side, omg just epic. John Hindhaugh was starting to go hoarse with his excitement!

Aside - I've just been distracted from my rambling by the news that they'd just caught Nic Minassian lounging around on a golf cart so they had a natter with him about the air conditioning unit. That's really rather amusing.

Um yeah. Can't think what else to put now! Thanks guys! Anyway, I'll be here for the next 6 hours, providing updates as and when I deem necessary/remember.
Tags: alms, christian, le mans, petit le mans, peugeot, sebring

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