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Princess Peach - Empress of the World

Sebring 09

Finishing off my entries on Sebring, here are the final results. Well, I should say 'provisional' because the final results aren't out yet, but I doubt it will change really!

As you may know, Audi won overall.

Audi 2 - McNish/Capello/Kristensen
Peugeot 08 - Bourdais/Sarrazin/Montagny
Audi 1 - Rockenfeller/Werner/Luhr

The 07 Peugeot I was supporting didn't make it to the end of the 12 hours, but it still managed to come 4th in class 5th overall. There are 4 different classes for these races, P1, P2, GT1 and GT2. There is an overall winner but there are also winners in each class. Audi won P1. What is credible is the 3rd place green award the 07 Peugeot got without actually finishing!

I give credit where it's due and applaud McNish for his driving. He really did drive well and deserved the win. It's annoying that some of the race was fought on pitstops rather than on track, and it's a shame that the 07 car didn't finish cause all 3 of their drivers (Minassian/Klien/Lamy) drove well. Yes, they had mistakes, unlike McNish, but Christian Klien for one does not have a lot of experience in this type of racing, so I am still impressed. I now await Le Mans for the big Audi/Peugeot battle.

I have some more interesting pictures which I will post soon, when I've sorted them out.
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