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Day of awesome

I realise that I have actually spammed LJ today, but I really did need to do a writeup of today. Today I went to Telford.

Initially we needed to go somewhere where there was a BHS, because we wanted one, and because there is no BHS around here, that meant going to either Hanley or Telford. Then we found out Jim Hawkins was going to be sitting on a bench in Telford today and I decided that it would be fun to say hi if we were over there, so we decided to go to Telford.

I rather like Telford. It's a nice place and not too difficult to get to from here. If anything I prefer going shopping in Telford than other places because I'm starting to work out what's in Telford Shopping Centre and if I get lost, all I have to do is look at a map! If you're wandering around streets outside and you get lost, you're a bit shnook, but inside, and with a map... success!
As it was a shopping trip, I did buy stuff. Admittedly not a lot, but me + The Works = not good. I'll explain purchases (with pictures) another day. However, I also got excited over new shops - the frozen yoghurt shop (Yogen Fruez [should have umlauts but I can't do them on here at the mo]) and the shop that sells Pretzels (Ditsch)! I love Pretzels but you can't really get them over here so I always make a point of having one if I see them around. This shop had a couple of different flavours, the usual salt ones and some cinnamon ones, but that's nowhere near the selection I found in Salzburg!
I also got excited (again) over the clock of awesomeness in Telford Shopping Centre:
One of these days I'm going to be sad enough to actually record what the clock does each hour, but not yet.

Anyway. Skipping a bit, after lunch we decided to leave the Shopping Centre and go to the outside. Shocking, I know. Telford has a lovely park, as I've now discovered, though I'd never been there before. If I had been, it was so long ago I don't remember. Nevertheless, we decided to try and find Jim. I should explain, for those who don't know, Jim does a thing where every Tuesday he goes to sit on a bench somewhere in Shropshire. This week he went back to Telford Park. He went there last week too, but it wasn't talked about a lot then, so he decided to go back after promoting it more. Because Jim was going back, and because I was free this week (no JobCentre this Tuesday, woo), we decided to go say hi.

Not knowing the park, we did get slighly lost, and walked all the way down from the Shopping Centre to the entrance to Wonderland. Before I get any dodgy comments about 'Wonderland' I should explain that it's an Alice in Wonderland park, though I was slightly confused as to why they were playing 'Be Our Guest' from Beauty and the Beast. I digress.
We walked back towards the Shopping Centre a slightly different way, still searching for benches where Jim may have been, but came up with no benches, or empty benches. Just as we got back to the main part of the park (where people were), we were giving up hope of finding Jim, and it was then I spotted him, sitting on a bench having a conversation with a lady who turned out to be @DogCastRadio from Twitter.

It turns out that playing 'hunt Jim' is quite an amusing game, and is rather healthy actually - it resulted in us having a rather nice walk and seeing Telford town park, which is rather nice, but there you go.
Long story short, I spoke to Jim and should now be on the radio on Friday. On the way home we commented on how were surprised by Jim's phenomenal memory, because he remembered who I was on Twitter and about my hat picture. We talked about the tour to Barcelona and he seemed fascinated with it, especially when I mentioned Montserrat Abbey! I don't want to say a lot more now, cause I should be on the radio on Friday and if you guys want to listen (f1_roxie has already commented that she wants to have the link later) you can either listen to BBC Radio Shropshire on the radio or online. Should also be on listen again as part of Jim's show for a week later.

All in all, a pretty awesome day, and I even have pictures to prove it all. Check here on Flickr :)
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