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Da Vinci Controversy

Ever since The Da Vinci Code came out there's been controversy, but not quite like this...

I received the CD 'Classic FM at the Movies - The Sequel' for Christmas.  It's not a bad mix of movie music but the tracks they've chosen from certain films are a little confusing, none more so than a certain film used on CD 3: The Da Vinci Code.

Firstly, they have the wrong name down as the composer - Richard Harvey did not write the music for The Da Vinci Code, Hans Zimmer did!  I know it sounds like Hans Zimmer's music (but then I would because I'm studying his scores) but I also checked the DVD - it says 'Music composed by Hans Zimmer' on there!

Secondly, why oh why did they choose 'Kyrie for the Magdalen' for the CD?  'Chevaliers de Sangreal' is easily a much better piece.  Its far more emotive and so haunting, which actually fits with what they say in the inlay to the cd and I quote: "It's books and films again.  Dan Brown vs Ron Howard.  Could it possibly be that, by the time the film came round, so many folk had read the ubiquitous book of a few years earlier that this evocative score was drowned out by the sound of thousands of people jumping desperately off a listing bandwagon.  Haunting music."
Well yes, it is haunting music, especially this track, Chevaliers de Sangreal.  Its worth sitting through the whole of the film just to watch the final scene and listen to this piece of music.  Naturally by itself this piece STILL sends shivers down my spine, even without the visuals, but with the visuals, its so amazing.

Agreed, I do actually like the film and the book (its a very interesting and well written story and thats as far as I'm taking it) but the music to the film is exquisite, and people who like classical music should get the chance to listen to this, instead of some choir singing the words 'Kyrie eleison' incorrectly.

So yes, if you must know, I have just sent an email to Classic FM complaining about how they have the wrong composer down on their CD and asking them why they've chosen certain pieces of music.  I await a reply sometime in the coming days.
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