October 21st, 2007

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A new world champion I give unto you




Yes, Kimi 'Mr ForshureIliketomumblebutIamindeedanicemanandaminsanelygoodatmyjob' Raikkonen has finally done it.  He has clinced his first World Championship in Formula 1.  Today was one hell of a race, and I am insanely glad that I recorded it.  It is entirely possible that I went through every possible emotion: I laughed, cried, shouted and screamed (amongst other things) at the TV this afternoon whilst watching the GP of Brazil.  However, FINALLY, I have seen the light, and it has been proven to me, again, that indeed there is a God and he is gracious, for Lewis Hamilton did not win, which means that my sanity has been saved for a year and hopefully it will bring him and the press et al down a few pegs.

I am VERY happy at the moment, but I am considering staying up until 2.20am to watch back to back QI *giggles*

Ah well.  As I finish I leave you with this comment from BBC News (who sounded absolutely devastated about how Lewis Hamilton didnt win, as did the ITV crew): "Today has been a bad day for Formula 1 fans" to which my response is "oh really....."