November 8th, 2007

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Any other Business: Item 8.1

Below will be the title of the first item in Any other Business from our meeting yesterday.

Item 8.1: Carpet  samples were discussed at length.

Yes, you read that correctly.  During the Music Course Committee meeting that Im allowed to go to, being a student rep, we discussed a variety of things pertaining to the course and other matters that needed to be discussed.  Upon reaching Item 8 on the Agenda, Steven Jan (the chair) asked if there was any other business.  At that moment in time, Associate Dean and music lecturer Mike Russ walked in to which the comment 'any other business has arrived' was applied.

To cut a log story short, Mike had lots of carpet samples for the new building that we were supposed to help choose what to have where.  We were wondering if he was on commission for being a carpet salesman of which there were some amusing replies and comments from everyone in the room. 

In the end we did decide what we wanted on the walls and floor (from the stuff Mike had brought) but it was after great debate and much amusement.  They then tried to decide whether they should minute this or not, and it was decided that we should put something down, hence the title above.  

Who'd have thought that we would have ended up discussing carpet samples with the associate dean?  How quaint and amusing