December 9th, 2007

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Absolutely blooming ridiculous!

This is great, just great.  (can you detect the oh so subtle hints of sarcasm here?)
I popped onto OneF1 a few minutes ago and found this....

FIA to sue the Sunday Times

"The FIA intends to sue English newspaper the Sunday Times for libel, after the action was authorised by the World Motor Sport Council at its meeting today in Monaco.

A statement issued afterwards said the decision was taken because the newspaper had "ran an article claiming that the FIA was engaged in a witch-hunt against the McLaren-Mercedes team."

It is believed the matter refers to a column that former Grand Prix driver and ITV commentator Martin Brundle wrote on race day at the Italian Grand Prix.

It was headlined: "Witch-hunt threatens to spoil world title race" and was critical of the manner in which the FIA had handled the McLaren spying affair. "

The article in question was from the Sunday Times 9th September 2007.  I actually have the paper copy of this around somewhere at home, but here it is:

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It gets better though.  Martin Brundle made his response in todays Sunday Times.  (This is just the online version, I haven't seen the paper copy yet)

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This is ridiculous.  Seriously, I have to agree with others here.  I dont know whether to laugh or cry, but at the moment I'm rather angry.  EVERYONE else was talking about the same stuff that weekend, but at least Martin Brundle had experience of F1 and real knowledge of it, unlike other people.  There were also other articles in that particular piece of paper commenting on similar things!  Why this column? Why?!  There were even other papers that weekend talking about the same things, I know, because I read them!

To quote Ross on OneF1 here "FIA: F***ing Inconsistent Actions?"  I think so, especially at the moment.  They severely punish McLaren for having Ferrari data (I'm not saying that they shouldn't have punished McLaren, but $100,000,000 is rather a lot), but then they drop the fuel irregularities in Brazil (again, I'm not saying thats a bad thing because I'm glad Lewis didnt win) and now with Renaultgate... they drop that too.  Seriously.  The FIA are clutching at straws here.  They're going down and they know it.

To quote Suzanne on OneF1 here "
It's getting to the point where no one is allowed an opinion now unless it is FIA approved!! It's beyond a joke now. They've lost all credibility this season, not that they had much to begin with!"  Well, yes.  Opinions are hereby relegated.  All must pertain to the FIA views.  Those who do not will be disqualified and or be killed.  But yeah, if the FIA had any credability left, they most certainly do not anymore.

If they succeed in sueing The Sunday Times, then its really the end of the road for everyone.  The FIA will have succesfully screwed themselves over and really won't be fit even to call themselves the FIA anymore, let alone do anything.  If they sue one paper, then why just the one, every other paper was saying the same thing.  If they win though, then it opens the door for even more people to sue the papers in this country, which means that it probably wont be long until someone from McLaren comes along and says 'Oh we can sue these people for printing pictures of Lewis Hamilton saying that he didnt win the world championship' etc and then everyone ends up screwed.  

If the Sunday Times are sued, then their reputation is tarnished, as is Martin Brundle's, and he will probably get dropped by them, and may get dropped by ITV and then we'll end up with James Allen doing all the commentary for F1 and then we will all either stop watching because we are so fed up and annoyed with James Allen or we'll be watching it in mute.  I can see this downward spiral already, and its really not looking good.  At this rate, after all the good stuff thats happened, 2007 will be a year to forget.  Why can't they just leave it alone now.  That article was written 3 months ago, and its taken you, what, that long to realise it was there? Or realise that you can make some money out of it?  What, what is it?  Surely if it had been that much of a problem, then firstly, it wouldn't have been printed, and secondly, someone would have picked up on it sooner.

If its a match between the Fans and the FIA, the FIA will lose.  They have nothing left.  Their little dictatorship is going down, one way or another, and they should accept that, rather than trying depserate measures to try and hold on and keep themselves afloat.  Yes, read this Max Mosely: its a lose - lose situation for you.  Just give up now, and leave us all in peace.  What's that you say?  No?  Oh then.  Why dont you try this: sue the world next.  You've succeeded in screwing half of it up already.

Edit: Although this can actually be found in the middle of the second article, heres a link to a news article about a particular paragraph that everyone should read (even though its actually split into two here..)
The FIA are clueless to what losing someone like Martin will do to the viewing figures.... lets just hope ITV aren't  :-|