January 3rd, 2008

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Ok so I have been to see Stardust again.... that was the 4th time!  I've NEVER seen a film 4 times, at the cinema before, but I love this film so much that it was really worth it, also, kids club at the Odeon is only £2.75 XD
There were literally about 6 people in the whole entirety of screen 8 watching it, the people behind us being a family with 2 young kids... but who cares.  We were flailing over Stardust (at many times, again) on a row all by ourselves.  The cinema guys were even starting to tidy up the screen when we were still in there because they didn't realise we were there hahaha

For those of you who might think Kids Club sounds a little strange to go to, its really not.  They show some of the big movies (but for younger audiences) slightly later, so a month- 2months or so after theyre out,  on a sat/sun morning normally (depends on your cinema), but the best thing about it, is not only that you can go catch some great movies again if you missed them or want to see them again, you can see them for cheapo!
The Odeon also does Senior Screen on wednesdays at 11am with free tea and biscuits!  I am so going to that cause I have no Uni.  Ok I'm now supposed to be in school on wednesday mornings but if Stardust comes up again when I'm back at uni, I'm so calling in sick!  Senior Screen is also cheapo... it was £3 but as Kids Club has gone up from £2.50 to £2.75 I guess that Senior Screen has too... but hey, they do that on a Wednesday, and you know what that means.... Orange Wednesdays!! YAY!!

Anyway back to Stardust.  Uber-droolage. Heehee.  I'm counting down the days until 25th Feb..... Bring it on!!

Note: to those who have not seen Stardust - go and see it!  Its hilarious.  We love many people in it, including Robert De Niro as an insanely cool and hilarious Capt Shakespeare XD

There might be a film synopsis coming up later if I remember :)
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Force India to name drivers on 11th Jan

Yes, you read that right.  Its alledged that Force India will FINALLY tell us who will be driving for them next season.

Click here for the article

It has previously been noted that money might not be the key to gaining a seat so it could go any way at the moment.  Thankfully though, 3 drivers are now out of the picture (Ralf Schumacher, Franck Montagny and Giedo van der Garde) which means that its down to 4 drivers left: Christian Klien, Giancarlo Fisichella, Tonio Liuzzi and Roldan Rodriguez.
Apparently Tonio has been offered a seat in Champ Car and I find it unlikely that Rodriguez will get the seat, but I could be wrong.  We shall have to wait and see....