January 10th, 2008

bridesmaid reception

Ish nicht happy.

Don't even ask me what language that title is in.  Those 3 words, like that, say it all.

I saw deltachild's entry http://deltachild.livejournal.com/536321.html earlier, while I was waiting to watch the Force India announcment online and well, wasn't best pleased, but figured I'd wait for the confirmation.  After 40 mins (minimum) of waiting for them to show the darn thing, it came online and I had to listen to them talking a load of rubbish insanely quietly.  I did get to the stage of wondering how much they were being paid to talk all thar rubbish before they actually announced their driver line up.

Ok it was pretty obvious that Fisichella was going to get the seat, but Tonio as test driver?  What?  That's twice now he's beaten Christian in F1 and it's not fair.  It doesnt help that Alex Wurz has now signed for Honda as test and reserve driver.  Guys, you have the wrong Austrian there.

Ironically enough, my mother just asked me why I seem so upset at the 'news I was waiting for' because I said I already knew what they were likely to say and besides, "its not like you know the man.  You've not met him and you probably won't" Oh dear mother, how wrong you are.... The one person I'm disappointed (I think thats the word I want..) for, is the one person I have met, and I do kinda know him semi-well, even though he doesn't know me.

I had so much more to write here earlier, but that was before.....

Edit: and my sister in her oh so helpful way is now playing highly appropriate music...
Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing
Timbaland - Apologise