January 12th, 2008

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Klien confident to race in 2008

I found this last night, inbetween reading Force India interviews and going to bed where I was panicing about my bookcase falling down...  As it didn't occur to me to post this until I was shutting my laptop down, I didn't post it, especially as I've been over to Oswestry today to check out the rooms at Quinta for next weekend (that meant an early start).  So anyway, enough with the preamble, here goes.

Klien confident to race in 2008

11th January 2008

After Giancarlo Fisichella was announced as Force India's second driver Christian Klien has said there are still opportunities available to him. Klien was one of the serious candidates to race for the brand new team next season but missed out on a deal.

"I would like to thank Force India F1 for providing me with the testing opportunities in Barcelona and Jerez," said Klien. "It was a very satisfying experience and the team did a really good job. I was happy to be fastest in Jerez and feel I worked very well with the team .There was intense competition for the remaining race seat beside Adrian Sutil and that was my goal after a season as test and reserve driver for the Honda Racing F1 Team.

Looking to the future, Christian is pursuing a number of racing options. "Obviously my first choice remains Formula One. It is important to me, however, to keep my race skills fully exercised. Therefore, I have been considering other options for the 2008 season. There are good opportunities outside of Formula One, that I want to explore and I am very much looking forward to developments in the coming weeks."

Yay Christian *squishes* We still have faith in you :)
Its good he still wants to stay in F1 for the future (which I knew) but he's looking for a racing infill for now.... Ok... just where?  It's times like this I wish I'd get info from Maureen....

bridesmaid reception


I just made 63 cookies!  If I'd made those on the first tray a little smaller, then I would have got over 70.

I tried to take a picture and upload it here, but my camera is packed in my bag to go back to Uni and my phone camera and bluetooth dongle are playing silly games with my laptop and not working.... *evils*

I may not be around for a little while, as I'm going back to Uni tomorrow, so I have to pack up my laptop later this evening and then its moving things back into the house.... oh the joys....