January 17th, 2008

bridesmaid reception

Quote of the Day

These were all in my seminar earlier....  needless to say that we were killing ourselves laughing at times.  We were talking about policing in the 70s and what The Sweeney showed etc.

'London does represent everything falling apart' - Paul

*mobile goes off* turns out it was Tank's
Tank: s'off
Paul: I wish you would end the affair with my mum
Tank: no.

(Tank= student, Paul= lecturer)

'Do you know what my bloody sister has gone and done?  She's shagging a copper!' - Paul

'In some ways I accept that The Sweeney is fictional' - Paul
'... In some ways?' - everyone else

Paul is a bit strange, but cool.  Some of us, who did his module last year, now know quite a lot about his life and his family!