January 26th, 2008

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The joys of dead composers

Shock Horror!  I actually did some work this morning, but doing CSI work on J.S. Bach's scores is hard... why do I need to work out whether Bach himself actually wrote this score or not... can't someone else do it?

All was going well, generally, until Mahler's 8th Symphony started playing, and well, needless to say, I'm now revelling in the joys of Mahler, and professing my love for many dead composers (who, it should be noted, that I love for their music... nothing else).  Yes, Mahler (for this piece) is one of them, I love Brahms for his German Requiem and I love Rachmaninov just because....  There's a lot that have been missed out here, but I AM currently listening to a recording of Mahler's 8th that I'm in.  Yes, its exciting.  Why do you not share my excitement?  Don't look at me like I've gone crazy... I can see you....

I have also had to restrain myself from going on Amazon, otherwise I would have bought a stack of stuff this afternoon.  Instead, I'm going to sit here, drink tea, and listen to the rest of this amazing symphony.  If you've not heard Mahler's 8th Symphony - the Symphony of a Thousand, then well you should.  Go on.  Go and find it, and listen and enjoy.  The first act has some nice high top C's at the end, but in my opinion the second act is better.... its in German rather than Latin and well, its just amazing.  So many beautiful lines (musically and vocally.... the best line naturally being the only line that the Mater Gloriosa sings, but hey shh)

Here's the words for ye people who like to know things: http://w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de/cmp/mahler_sym08.html