February 27th, 2008

bridesmaid reception

Also... Earthquake!

I know I already mentioned this and it happened like 45mins ago, but still.... my home county is on the bbc news thingy first.  Famous at last, and Im not even there! well, at least we WERE first... not anymore, now that they've changed the wording and all as its being updated.  Stupid bbc


All things considering, we didnt get much here... it lasted like 2 seconds... no alarms or anything going off.  so either the people mentioned on this are extremely sensitive or they just want to look big and important and get on the news.
I love how its 'the BBC' getting reports in, cause they obviously didnt know, being based in london and all... 

edit: we even have a shiny facebook group called 'who felt the earthquake?'  because, yes, we are that sad and have nothing to do with our lives.... hahhahahaha