March 1st, 2008

bridesmaid reception


My brother is trying to persuade me to watch the entire series of the X-files back to back on 30th April, because thats the day after my dissertation is in.

To watch all of the X-files back to back would require me staying up for 7days minimum (obviously it will be more if you want to eat and take toilet breaks from time to time).  Not sure I could actually do that though hahah

I also have the entire West Wing boxset to get through in May, and I need to watch the full BBC version of Pride and Prejudice in one day (according to Louisa)

Oh well
bridesmaid reception

Quote of the Day

This is courtesy of Kelli (I speak first then Kelli).  It may also class as blonde of the day...

'I can get on OneF1 through IE!'
'What's IE?'
'Internet Explorer'
'Do I need to download if?'
'No dear, thats the programme you normally use I guess'
'Oh LOL'