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March 14th, 2008

Albert Park, 13th March 08

This article made me happy when I found it on www.formula1.com this morning.  I think it was up there last night, well, it was looking at the date, but I was a bit distracted with friday practice on livetiming and with the live feed from itv....  After having read the report for fri practice 2, I am disappointed that I didnt get up and watch it, but nevermind, I shall survive.
Anyway, article:

Quote of the Day

"Don't follow the baton.... His right elbow is always in time" - on Barrie Webb's conducting

Happy Birthday Michael Caine!

The great British actor Michael Caine (well... hes kinda Sir Michael, but he had the Sir bit attached to his real name not his stage name... so he's Sir Maurice Micklewhite)... anyway Michael Caine is 75 today, and not a lot of people know that.


I didn't realise he was that old now... he's just been there for the whole of my childhood and has been in some of my favourite films. 


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    Well said!!! In fact, beautifully said!

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    Happy New Year, and happy learning in 2013 :)
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    I think this was supposed to be more down the 'TV shows it wrong' route than 'I'm still suffering badly' route... Sort of figured that if they get to make TV shows with storylines that remind me then…
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