March 16th, 2008

bridesmaid reception


I really wasnt going to post now because I am somewhat sleepy.  A lot more so than yesterday: the tiredness is catching up with me now.  Ive been up since 3.10am now, so hopefully I should be coherent for anyone taking to me on MSN during the race... but I cant guarantee it!
Anyway: slashy comment of the day?

'and talking of Australian characters, theres one right between Lewis and Heikki Kovalainen'

They were referring to Shane Warne who had gone to see them - there's probably a picture of the 3 of them kneeling down together.  Yes f1_roxieit was a Steames comment!

Then my friend did this genius one....

Moa: whats he then? rugby dude?
Me: heck no!
Moa: whats he do then?
Me: cricket!

And oh my.... that Lewis/Heikki interview was so funny! *is so glad she's recording it!*
bridesmaid reception

Showing some Heikki love

This amuses me...  In his own words, how was Heikki's race and what happened on the pit straight that allowed Alonso to get past again?

"I had a great battle first with Kimi (Raikkonen) and then Fernando (Alonso) which I really enjoyed. I managed to get past Fernando but then as I tore off a visor strip on the main straight I accidentally hit the pit lane speed limiter button and Fernando managed to get past me again."

He was funnier on ITV when they were talking to him...

Heikki: "I managed to pass Fernando and then just accidentally er hit the pit lane speed limiter in the middle of the straight as I was trying to take my tear off away from the visor and..."
Steve Rider: "Yeah we can see that now.  What exactly happened at this point?"
Heikki: "Like I got inside and he tried to give me a bit of a squeeze but I made a move and after that I was pretty well in control but after that I was coming down to the straight then with my right hand I went for the tear off as I it was full of oil and I couldnt see anything and then I just accidentally hit the pit lane speed limiter with my fist.  At first then I thought 'what was going on?' and I had no drive and then Fernando went past again and I thought 'oh dear'."

Ahh gotta love him.... and his invitation to join him in the sauna in Finland... well....  I might add more Heikki quotes later!
bridesmaid reception

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I want to write new fic dammit.  Because of todays race, I now want to write sauna fic, courtesy of (and maybe starring) Heikki, and I want to write Nico/Lewis slash as well.