April 29th, 2008

bridesmaid reception



I went into Uni earlier and printed it all off and it looked all shiny.  Then I bound it all and I handed it in about two hours ago.  It feels very strange to not have it now, and it was very weird letting it go once Id bound it all, but it is very cool that its all handed in XD

I would say its 10,000 words but strictly speaking its about 50-100 words less but shh.  There was over 11,000 words I handed in though when I'd added my bibliography, discography, filmography and appendix as well as my synopsis, contents page and whatever else it was I put at the front! I even had pictures in it!

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It did look VERY shiny when it was all bound up.  I may have had to take a few pictures of it.....

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You don't quite get the impression of how big this beast was from these pictures.  I'd say its probably about 1.5cm thick.  If you find a wad of paper, 58 sheets then add a piece of card either side of it and then put a cover sheet on top, thats how big it is.

I was a bit dubious about the white comb binding strips, but they look rather good actually.  I opted to go buy some from town because the price you pay for them in Uni isnt cheap....  As it was, when I got these, I got 25 for £2.50 because they'd priced them wrong, and then I got student discount on top!  A single comb binding strip in this size costs you 60p-£1 in the library...  I say 60p - £1 because there are different sized ones and it gets all very confusing.

Anyway, I only have 1 thing left to do now: my 2000 word essay for Punks, Pigs and Prawn Cocktails thats due in on thursday.  I did my one exam yesterday....

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