April 30th, 2008

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14 years ago

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walover165 to commemorate the lives of two great men, who passed on from this world at an unfortunate weekend in Imola 1994.

14 years ago today, the horror of the Imola weekend really started.

On Saturday the 30th April 1994 the front wing of Roland Ratzenberger's Simtek car broke off, pitching his car into the wall at the Villenueve corner at more than 300 kilometres an hour. He broke his neck and was killed instantly. Sadly, he remains the forgotten man of the Imola weekend, as his death was overshadowed by Ayrton's just 24 hours later. But Roland was not forgotten by the drivers who had loved him so much. In the wreck of Ayrton's car the next day, they found a furled Austrian flag, soaked in blood. Ayrton had planned on raising it on the podium that afternoon in honour of Roland.

Roland Ratzenberger July 4 1960 - April 30 1994. Rest in peace.


bridesmaid reception

Quote of the Day

Two today cause I've been busy and well, yeah....

"Here we go 'William Weber: Canon Master Extraordinaire'  He's been elevated to the next level!"


"I didn't understand what she said. She has an English accent now."

The latter is taken from an article in the Daily Mail about the X-files. I think the quote's kinda amusing though.  The former is from Studies in Musicology revision on Monday morning.  William Weber wrote about the musical canon.
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