May 1st, 2008

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14 years ago

Borrowed from walover165to commemorate the lives of two great men, who passed on from this world at an unfortunate weekend in Imola 1994.

14 years ago today, Ayrton Senna's car bottomed out at the Tamburello curve at Imola. The resultant loss of control sent him headlong over the asphalt and into the concrete wall at well over 150 miles per hour. He was killed instantly, his brain dead at once, although they revived his heart and kept it beating until 6:40pm. When they turned off the machines, however, they announced his time of death as 2:17pm.

It was a shock to the whole world that he had died, that there had been two deaths in two days, and his and Roland's deaths launched a new wave of safety in F1. It is thanks to the enormous sacrifices of Roland and Ayrton that Heikki Kovalainen and Robert Kubica are alive today.

Ayrton has not been forgotten by any, not his fans, nor those who love him.

Ayrton Senna da Silva

March 21 1960 - May 1 1994

Rest in peace.
bridesmaid reception

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I submitted my final essay 20 mins ago and now I am done completely!

The only thing that stands in the way of me and a good degree mark now are the people marking my work. 

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