July 9th, 2008

bridesmaid reception


Yesterday was my sister's sports day for school.  I went along and ended up talking to some of my old teachers, which was nice.  It was a bit nippy so we went to get a cup of tea.

It was the most anaemic cup of tea I have ever seen.  

No, seriously.

It was so white that it was almost the same colour as the white polystyrene cup it was in. 

I actually had to ask for the tea bag back.

If it had been free we'd have just drunk it... but seeing as it was 50p a cup, I did actually ask for the tea bag. I subsequently stood there dunking this tea bag between 2 cups of tea, just to get some flavour and colour in them!  Afterwards it was quite a nice cup of tea.  I am a tea making genius :)