August 27th, 2008

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Coffee Art

I have become fascinated with a thing known as Coffee Art.  This is perhaps because I have no idea how on earth you would do it, not that I drink coffee much at all (and when I do it's very weak and I cannot stand the smell of strong coffee).  I would say that if anyone's seen my mobile recently then I have a picture of coffee art currently as my wallpaper, but no-one's seen my phone recently.

What is coffee art?  Well some people (with amazing talents) have been able to draw things on coffee, like so.


But if you think that is impressive, you should check out some more that I've found.  Unfortunately these are all from online, and borrowed from many different places (google 'coffee art') and there are loads more out there that I haven't chosen to put on here.  Again, I cannot do this and thus it is not my work.

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Impressive, non?

If you want to know how to do coffee art, there are loads of websites if you google.  One I found was Barista College which is rather impressive if you just look at the name!
Finally, thanks to all the amazing coffee art people for their work.  It really is impressive!