September 6th, 2008

bridesmaid reception

Sat Practice

Thoughts on Saturday Practice in Beligum...

I love how Live Timing says 'the track has been declared wet for this session' and when I looked originally, most of the guys had been out for one lap and then they'd gone to hide again. Strangely this amuses me.
bridesmaid reception

Eurovision Dance Contest

So I'm watching the Eurovision Dance Contest and well... I am highly amused. Craig Revel Horwood and Len Goodman (our commentators) keep arguing with each other about the dances.

I think Azerbaijan have entertained me most so far, but that wasn't the dancing....

Edit: Wow how good were Louisa Lytton and Vincent Simone?! Standing ovation, woot!! But WTF to the scores?!

Edit 2: Really liked Poland's entry. They're the only ones to have done a Rumba. For those who don't know (and this is a genius phrase), the Rumba is a vertical expression of a horizontal wish. If you don't understand, think about it, and if you still don't get it, ask.

Edit 3: I think they just confused most of the audience by singing You'll never walk alone. Yes people, it is actually from Carousel, and wasn't originally a football song. Philistines.

Edit 4: LMFAO what is it with the scoring people hitting on Graham Norton?! Especially the women?!

Edit 5: Yay Poland won, and deservedly so. I am pleased, and we didn't get nil points either.