September 28th, 2008

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Singapore Commentary

Did anyone notice anything.... unusual about todays commentary by James Allen?

He didn't go on about Lewis all the time and he didn't insult all the other drivers either!

It seems as if someone had words with him.

This amuses myself and rfh_f1 greatly, because I wrote to ITV a couple of weeks ago, complaining to them about James Allen's inappropriate comments and I included this as my final line in my letter: "Mr Allen would be wise to remember that there are a great variety of fans who do not wish to hear their driver insulted, or shunned by excessive commentary of one driver."

I know for a fact that ITV received my letter because I had a reply, which more or less thanked me for bothering to contact them, but saying nothing else, though it did say this: "We appreciate that it is impossible for a commentary team to please the viewers all of the time. We always welcome feedback from our viewers and have made a note of your comments, whch will be logged and viewed by senior management."

Sooo did senior management talk to James Allen?

Regardless of whether I had anything to do with this, it does amuse us, and I for one, am thankful for the change in commentary today!
bridesmaid reception

Quote of the Day

"Eggs don't get up and walk off"
"They do if they're free range" - from The Detectives

"There were Thunderbirds 1 and 2, but they came with some strings attached" - James May on vertical take-off planes.