October 28th, 2008

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We are being sleeted on. Not snow, not rain. Sleet. Joy. It looks like snow from here, but it's too wet to be snow.

I am, surprisingly, back from London now and my... I must have walked, no less travelled miles and miles yesterday.

I'll do an interesting post about it later (including piccas) but in short - saw Joseph (amazing), Buckingham Palace, Tower Hill et al and Covent Garden, as well as just randomly messing around on the underground. The tube is a love it or hate it thing. It's fun when it's not busy!

Thought of vampirefever while stood outside and then inside Harrods and deltachild at Baker Street Station (because I saw the tube line going to Uxbridge). Was going to text you but surprisingly there's no signal underground...

Oooh and now it's snowing! Yay! Amazing what happens in the time it takes to write something like this!