November 25th, 2008

bridesmaid reception

Film music

I am not really watching The Devil Wears Prada... for educational purposes.

I do not have a stack of films here to watch, also for educational purposes.

I'm trying to find examples of how music is used in different ways in films... continuity, motivic, background, scene setting, yada yada

If you've got any favourite films that you think have good use of music (and that would be appropriate to show in a Y9 music class), let me know! I'd love some more ideas! No really, I would, especially if you can tell me exactly which bits of the film/s are the most important for music.

In other notes, I'm off to a concert tonight... well, I'm in one item so yeah, that should be fun. Bringing back some culture with a bit of Mozart. Ave Verum Corpus and the Canon in Eb. Gotta love it.
bridesmaid reception

Quote of the Day

"Contrary to popular belief, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was actually originally written for 6 saxophones. Yes, Mozart wrote it for saxophones, though there was a slight problem. The saxophone wasn't invented until... 1832... which gave Mozart about 50-60 years to write the music. Fortunately, we're only going to play he first movement, because that's the only one that was originally written for saxophones. Mozart got stuck afterwards and wrote the rest of the piece for strings. So now, here is the original version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik!"