December 13th, 2008

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Thoughts on the X Factor

I have just seen 3 songs on the X Factor and that is more than enough. These 3 songs were in the final, but they have just confirmed why I don't watch it.

It is bad.

The first guy looks about 12 and looks very silly with both ears pierced.
The boyband people... singing with Westlife... Such a bad choice of song. No emotion. You were both flat. I could go on.
The girl. Ok, you can sing but you still stick your bum out a lot and that annoys me. Quite why you started with the whole 'omg I can't believe you're here' when Beyonce came out, I don't know, because you knew she was coming, because that's what they were doing!

I don't know why people go on X Factor. It's fake. Originally it was trying to find someone with 'the X factor', that something different that would make them a star, and ok, fine. Now however it's just a singing show where they try and find half decent ish singers to sing other people's songs. Even any semi decent singers they may find can get knocked out due to another (worse) contestant's family dying or something. Yes that's a tragedy, but it's no reason to keep in someone with little talent, knocking out someone with more talent!

One of my muso friends says she watches the X Factor so that she can 'mock the contestants' but I can't even bring myself to do that.

Oh, I heard erm whats his name... Rhydian (?) on the radio the other day. He has the vibrato of doom and he killed the song. Thanks mate. I actually liked that song.