December 31st, 2008

bilingual in sarcasm

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I really needed to wake up this morning to hear that Lewis Hamilton had been awarded an MBE in the Queen's New Years Honours.
That means he's now allowed to sign his name 'Lewis Hamilton, MBE'. At least he's not Sir Lewis Hamilton, because thats a minimum of 3 titles up from where he is.

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There have been several other sporting stars being recognised in the New Years Honours, including Chris Hoy, or should I say Sir Chris Hoy, because he's now been knighted.
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I don't claim that this list is full, because it's not. For a more complete list, and reasons why these people have been honoured, please see this page, though for the handy honours list, more organised than mine, you'll have to scroll down. There is also a link on that page where you can view the whole of the New Years honours list.
If you're interested in seeing a few of these people, well 18, in picture form, check this out though be warned, it does contain a picture of Lewis, so just skip #8 if you don't want to see him!

Edit: If you do decide to look at the complete list, there are 95 pages of it, and I'm finding it very confusing in places!