January 3rd, 2009

bridesmaid reception


I'm currently watching Demons on ITV. It's pretty good so far, even though it's only been on about 20mins or so. It's got all the characters you expect from Dracula type stories, Van Helsing and Mina Harker, but they have a modern twist on them. Van Helsing is Luke Van Helsing, the last of the Van Helsing line, but he doesn't really know it. There's even mentions of other things, like Bram Stoker...

"Bram Stoker stole your name. I'd be mad as hell" I love it!

I am however waiting for Mackenzie Crook to make an entrance but he's not supposed to appear until half way through this episode or something.

In other notes, I must not play bowling or tennis on the Wii for a few days. My arm is killing me at the moment. Wii Fit is good, but I ache from that as well! Might do a more specific post on that at a later point, but it depends if I get distracted by it first or not! I WILL be the champion at ski jumping on our Wii Fit. It's the only thing I can really do, other than some of the yoga things!
bridesmaid reception

Quantum of Solace Review

I finally managed to see the Quantum of Solace the other day. I know this is very late, especially on my previous standards, but nevermind, lets not go there.

Despite having the worst Bond theme tune and opening credits ever (I'll come back to that later) I found that it is actually a pretty good film and had a fairly good storyline.
Set directly after Casino Royale, the Quantum of Solace continues Daniel Craig's run as James Bond and follows on literally minutes where Casino Royale left off. Deemed as a loose canon, Bond seems to run riot while various people including M, the British Government and the CIA, try to have him pulled in at times.
While the plot itself is fairly interesting, intellectually, it's not hugely fast paced, keeping a close knit circle of characters and spending time evaluating why Bond is as he is. The storyline seems to saunter along, taking a good 90+ minutes to seemingly do not a lot, however, the constant action sequences make it feel much faster and could quite easily keep many a man happy.

Back to the theme. I was quite horrified to hear the title song. While there have previously been reservations over other songs, this completely blows them out of the water. Initially I thought that the piano notes at the beginning of the song would lead to a different type of theme, with some classical yet popular music interest, but what it led to was definitely not what I was expecting, and what I heard I did not like at all: as a Bond theme or as a popular song in general. Also, the title sequence, while reverting to having the women again, which, according to traditionalists, Bond title sequences should have, was just generally bad. It had little resemblance to the film, contained a lot of sand and generally made me feel queasy.

Nevertheless, on the topic of music, I found it particularly interesting how Vesper's theme was used throughout the film. Snippets are used unaltered while other parts are used essentially in full, yet twisted somewhat, to show the pain, anguish and feelings that have passed between Bond and Vesper. The theme itself alters subtly through the film, becoming less 'painful' as Bond truly comes to terms with Vesper. It's an interesting fact, probably going unnoticed by many, but it helps to give depth to the film.

Overall, not a bad film, but I would advise skipping through the title sequence if you are watching this on DVD. It feels really bad to say this, but it's easily the worst bit of the whole film. However, if you do choose to watch this film and you haven't seen it before, I would advise you to watch Casino Royale before. It will make a lot more sense if you have Casino Royale fresh in your mind.